Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Gardening Mission

After April 2013 when the original grass in my lawn was replaced I continued tending to my garden without any focus on how my garden should turn out. It was only 3 years later, on April 5 this year to be exact, when I discovered how pretty the Japanese Roses (aka Moss Rose and Portulaca Grandiflora) are with its many small multi-colored flowers, if I grow them on hanging pots. They were given by my younger daughter Irene and planted on the ground. Whenever they bloomed in the morning I felt a sense of joy in me. I love flowers but never thought of planting them.

Several years earlier I had purchased 4 clamshell-shaped hanging pots from IKEA which I never used. Finding the inspiration now to do something I created my first real gardening attempt. A month later I decided to build my gardening workstation in a free corner of my house so that I don't have to trek to the store room to get my tools and fertilizers. This decision was indeed a journey of faith. It will change my lifestyle and daily routine completely. I was never a gardening person before, my knowledge of horticulture was little too basic. But on my retirement leg now I need something physically easy yet spiritually enriching. This was a serious attempt to build my garden. I declared to my elder daughter Christine, I am a Gardener! With that statement I began my journey of transforming the open space into a piece of work I can be proud of, one that I can appreciate from my patio right into my very old age, God willing.

After the racks were repainted I moved the gardening materials from the store to the workstation. From then on I plunged into the mission of creating a flower garden. I had no idea what to plant, where to plant, what are the plant needs and how I like my garden to look like. Every single day thereafter I spent thinking, learning from Internet resources and planning. I joined a gardening group on Facebook to learn how other novices like me deal with similar problems. Many ideas I thought were nice turned out to be unworkable. Many plant arrangements I made turned out to be wrong. I learned never to be fixated on a rigid way of looking at designing my garden but to allow my creativity be dictated by evolving shape and look of my emerging garden.

Let me tell you my story in the following posts. It has been over 6 months ago when I started this journey. Today I have a different garden.

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