Thursday, November 03, 2016

Garden Division

I divided my garden into 4 zones. The main garden, the side garden, the front mango garden and the front lamppost garden, the last two on public land on the right and left side of the main gate which I grow a mix of flowers, shrubs and herbs both for beautification as well as land utilisation.

The main garden is subdivided into the shadier zone along the wall under the mango tree, the fruit zone to the right which gets both the morning and evening sun, the patio zone which is shady, and the pre-patio zone next to the garage. The side garden is the sunniest where I plant flowers that need hot sun to thrive.

My original plan of growing only flowering plants was changed to include food plants for the kitchen as well as fruits. Gardening is also to excite and educate my grandchildren to better appreciate how plants and garden creatures thrive and understand their contributions to the human needs.

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