Friday, June 24, 2016

The 2016 Qingdao Holiday - Day 7

From Tai-an we returned to Qingdao today after breakfast. We entered Qingdao before noon via the Qingdao Haiwan Bridge which at 26.7km is the longest over the water bridge in the world. The weather is overcast and cooling, perfect for walking tour. We first visited the Woodcutter Street which is now converted to a food street like the Water Lily Street in Jinan. Youths engage in very unhealthy habit of gobbling heavily spiced and grilled seafood. Next is the boat ride on the Qingdao Bay and we saw the Zhan Qiao (loading pier) and little Qingdao, a small island near to this pier. We also toured the Former German Governor's Residence and the Kang You Wei* Mansion before walking quite a steep slope to Shiaoyusan (Little Fish Hill) to take in the panoramic view of Qingdao city and the old German quarters below. Finally we viewed the old Catholic Church before adjourning for dinner and taking in the sights of the Taitung Night Market. The church building is impressive at 56m tall but the architecture is not inspiring.

* A Chinese scholar, noted calligrapher and prominent political thinker and reformer of the late Qing dynasty. He led movements to establish a constitutional monarchy and was an ardent Chinese nationalist and internationalist.

Tonight we stayed at the Jin Jiang Hotel which unfortunately was the worst so far.

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