Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The 2016 Qingdao Holiday - Day 4

From Weifang we stopped over Zibo on our way to Jinan, our end of day destination. Nothing much to do at Zibo except visited the Zhouchun cultural street which preserved the heritage of how folks in the olden days conduct their businesses. We bought some fake medallions depicting Chinese horoscope symbols as souvenirs for our grandchildren.

When we got to Jinan after lunch we proceeded to the Da Ming Hu (Lake) which receives its water from the surrounding subterranean springs and outflow into the Yellow River eventually. Believing that the water has therapeutic and healing benefits, local folks would visit the well known Black Tiger Spring with plastic containers to collect the water. We visited this Spring and saw for ourselves how the locals conducted themselves. They took great care not to pollute the source and the surorundings.

Jinan is nicknamed City of Spring Water. Due to its location it doesn't get much wind. As a result its temperature can soar as high as 40C during the hot summer months. Jinan ranks with Wuhan, Chongqing and Nanjing as the 4 hottest cities of China. So beware this information if you are averse to heat during your China travels.

Tonight we stayed in the Shun Geng Hillview Hotel, by far the best and most comfortable except for the lack of lifts to our mezzanine floor room (only available from the higher floors).

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