Sunday, June 19, 2016

The 2016 Qingdao Holiday - Day 2

Sunrise at 4.30am even though Qingdao is in the same time zone as Malaysia. This is because the city is further east than Malaysia. While freshening up for breakfast I was horrified to discover my glasses missing. We hunted all over the room and eventually found it lying on the window ledge. I had left it there last night while taking a night shot of the buildings across the hotel room. Being absent-minded is becoming common at my age. Sigh!

Today we concentrate on touring Qingdao. We visited the Tsingtao Brewery and watched how the beer is packed from the viewing gallery. We enjoyed a complimentary beer at the reception. Later in the tour, we drank other brands of China beers but none can match the scintillating flavour of this 'German' beer. Next stop is the Qingdao Olympics Sailing Centre before leaving for lunch en route to Yantai, a coastal city north-east of Qingdao. We arrived at 5pm without any opportunity to sight see any place or the city. Checked into the Best Western Yantai Hotel but was shocked the luggage hadn't arrived as promised. The time was revised to 9pm but the luggage only reached the hotel at 1.30am. Most of us were waiting eagerly in old clothes to change into new ones before we retire.

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