Monday, November 02, 2015

Free Day - Visit to Como

Our second last day and the itinerary said we're free to do what we like. I suppose this gives our tour manager a break too. However Andrew had been working very very hard over the past few days telling us of the many places we can visit on this day. How to move about, where to eat and the significant buildings we can enter to learn more of its history and culture. Or to explore a bit more of the other side of Bellagio we visited on the second day. We had wanted to take a boat to the town of Como from our hotel but decided to take a bus instead. The little souvenir shop next to the hotel is a ticket agent for the local buses so we popped in to buy 4 return tickets. There was no such thing so we were given 8 single tickets instead costing €3.70 each. We waited outside the hotel for bus C10 coming from Menaggio. There were quite a number of us wanting to do the same thing this morning. I was worried the bus may be packed. Fortunately we all got seats. It is the first time we experienced taking a public bus with the locals. At most stops the driver would either drop off some passengers or picked up new ones. Nothing uncommon. The driver is skillful and the bus reasonably clean but some male passengers are burly and block the aisle. Our main concern is where do we get off. Not knowing Italian we don't want to leave the bus at the wrong stop. Fortunately the driver was helpful and explained briefly where we should take the return bus to the hotel.

We arrived Como an hour later. The stop was near to the waterfront which was where we headed. We asked and found the Como-Brunate funicular station. We split with our friends to meet back at the station to go up the hills. Due to a misunderstanding we waited and lost over an hour. Fortunately all's well and we met them up the hills. The sights were not as spectacular as expected. Maybe there was no good vantage point to view the Como town and the lake below. Maybe the weather was hazy. Maybe it was the sun. Whatever, the day was not as enjoyable as the previous days. Ah, well, we can't expect perfection. Still I can be wrong and surely being at Como on the wrong day and the wrong time. I believe Como is really a very nice place to stay longer to explore but we only have a few hours so it is wrong to jump to the wrong conclusion. I noted that we travelled by all modes of transportation on this holiday - plane, coach, boat, train and today, public bus. For the experience I've no complaint at all even though a fellow tour member concured thery too was disappointed Como wasn't as nice as expected.

Here's some pictures taken. You be the judge.

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