Tuesday, August 04, 2015

The All New Windows 10 is Mine, Free

Some 6 weeks ago I received a notification that my PC is compatible to receive a free copy of the latest operating system from Microsoft, Windows 10. I just have to register my interest to receive it when it becomes available. I did that and today a new notification popped up informing me that I can begin downloading the software now. Feeling hesitant that I'll be leaving my Windows 7 behind for good I did some checking. My main concern is compatibility of some softwares on my PC. But I also know that support for Windows 7 will be shorter than Windows 10. I checked out THIS website. Many of the features are irrelevant to me. I was relieved my Office 2010 is compatible as well as a photo editing software used by an online printing outfit for producing customized picture albums. I took the plunge and in an hour my new Windows 10 desktop was up and running. The reinstallation was glitch-free and the desktop looks almost the same as I thought I'd see the last of it.

Of course some PC owners want to wait to see how early adopters react to it. But I believe Microsoft have thousands of beta testers to ensure the first version shipped out online to qualified participants online is near perfect. I'm not excited that some of the softwares I have are not in the Windows Store ( they can still run) but the fact that Windows 10 can run across all platforms means I can sync data between my PC and my smartphone and tablet sharing the same apps on the same account. Unfortunately for Microsoft I am too much a believer in Android and iOS to change my habit. The Microsoft Edge replacing the Internet Explorer looks nice but again I'm sorry Microsoft has missed the boat by allowing Chrome to inundate the browser market.

Instal Windows 10 if you can get it free. If you're unhappy you have 30 days to revert to your older Windows 7 or 8 operating system, after which you're stuck with it.

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