Thursday, May 14, 2015

I Am A Road

I'm neither poetic nor am I gifted to write poetry. However I was inspired to write the following which I hope won't be the last.

I am a road
I'm build for a load
To take people from place to place
For those who knows the way if not by Waze
You probably take me for granted
Until you're lost and finds me wanted
I'm your way and your direction
Without me you lose your position
Of what use is your GPS
If it has no roads to guess?

All kinds of folks use me
For work, for play and even for a fee
I'm your frontier maker
I lead you where I want you to go
I take you high, I take you low
I show you places you never know
I start life as a path, then a lane
Not broad enough to land a plane
Then I grow to a road then a highway
And carried all kinds of vehicles every day

Like you I have names
But I live not for glory nor fame
I'm but a road, big or small
My role is the same, to help one and all
Build a community
Connect society
Create humanity
Sustains economy
Please keep me clean and maintained
Only then can my purpose be retained

I've seen joy I've seen sadness
When people celebrate in gladness
Or congregate in demonstrations
Against real or perceived persecutions
I felt pain when people die on me
Accidentally or recklessly
I'm vulnerable to calamities
I'm made useless during earthquakes
Or storms uproot trees and breaks
And floods inundate me, making me invisible

We are roads to each other
Giving direction, carrying burdens
Supporting one another
We may be a tiny path but we are no inferior
To the massive highways so superior
What little we do we serve
Those who walks on us
How much more they deserve
To become roads of love
Into each heart, into each life
Making sweethearts into wives

Creating baby roads for the family we raise
Telling our children our younger days
When we were nothing
Made into paths, into bigger things
Soon roads and highways
Crisis crossing lives and byways
O be roads and not toads
Be highways not low ways
For a road may be trodden
But shall never be forgotten.

Composed by Peter Yew on September 5, 2014 under inspiration.

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