Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Be Not Challenged

Hi, it's been awhile, quite a long while really. I was thinking of giving up blogging as my love have shifted to Facebook which is more engaging. But my first love couldn't die, shouldn't die, mustn't die. It introduced me to social networking in 2008 when blogging was the favorite means of engaging with friends and strangers to share thoughts, struggles and happy moments. I was happy to hit my 67th birthday a month ago. In that moment of inspiration I penned these words which refuse to leave my head. As it remained in my Facebook status update I want it to become my words of encouragement especially to my peers. Have a nice day.

"Be not challenged by your age but engage it. It will always win. In the end it will overpower you. Be happy under every circumstance for what can you do beside? Live within your means but always with your dreams. Some may eventually come true, others you take away with you. But as I've heard before, seize the day. Live it well. Do whatever you love. Be no man's enemy but everyone's friends. Abide by your values and principles. And pursue that peace to be your constant friend. When the fierce sun eventually decide to sink into the horizon you see a simmering sun setting in glory. May our lives be like that. A beautiful sunset."

I will blog again. Please drop in to check or sign up to follow by email.

1 comment:

Irene Yew said...

Welcome Back! Glad you didn't give up. FB has its merits and advantages but nothing beats a good blog like a good book to read.


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