Saturday, May 16, 2015

10th Anniversary of Grand Parenthood

Nowadays it is a privilege to be surrounded by grandchildren. I have friends and ex classmates who are still waiting for their children to get married so that they may experience the same joy my wife and I had in the past 10 years. Time flies when little children keeps you busy. Watching them grow before your eyes give us both a sense of achievement and pride. But of greater treasure is the relationship built with the kids. For us it foster strong inter generational ties so that in years to come we can be assured the love and care as well as teachings we imparted upon them will strengthen their love for us. For them our presence in their nurturing years bridge into their parents past. Since many children don't have grandparents to dot over them ours are privileged. We provide oversight and care while their parents work. At night they return home.

We are blessed with six little people. In our eyes they are giants in the making, not in physique but personality and abilities. We stay in touch with those not under our care. Modern telecommunication technology and the internet keep us close to those far away.

On this 10th anniversary year our grandchildren range between 3 and 10 years in age. It was hardly over a year ago that the youngest felt left out but today she's exerting her presence playing or talking with her siblings or cousins. In the next few years what would be our role as grand parents? We certainly won't be afraid of becoming redundant oldy moldies. Instead when they need us less to look after their daily routines we become more important in engaging their minds. When we talk with them it will be like entering our second teenhood. The years of foundation building should keep them close to us. I'm looking at the 15th anniversary with anticipation but the 20th anniversary with prayer and hope that we will stay physically able and healthy to experience teenaged grandchildren.

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