Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Blogging Holidays

Just in case you want to know, the previous post took me two and half hours to write. It could have been done in less, perhaps in an hour or more but as a person who is fastidious on accuracy I need to check the facts and dates, especially if I've written on a similar topic before. So much time was spent referring to my pervious posts, Google maps and of course my daily journal entries without which I won't be able to recall accurately how the holiday was spent. In the process I discovered new information that help me enjoy my holiday better. The detailed Google map of London is just fantastic. It helped me see where we've been, how we traveled, and their locations in relation to each other.

Unlike previous holiday posts in which I wrote in greater details the present posts are more reflective as it's harder to go factual. Plus most of the information are now available by googling them so it isn't necessary for me to repeat, except a few key points for emphasis.

Blogging holidays serves me 2 purposes. Firstly, to enable me to refer back in years to come what I did and where I went. I can attest that as you grow older your memory becomes less trustworthy. Secondly, it keeps my brain active and purposeful. Being a mix of writing from real experience and giving my thoughts holiday blogging is fun and easier to write. But as the likelihood of holidaying gets less frequent in the coming years, such posts will be precious places to revisit when I want to cherish those places I went before.

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