Thursday, May 15, 2014

Resisting Growing Old

A classmate just passed away last weekend and not only did I felt a sense of loss but also impending arrival of my turn. While there have been symptoms of physical aging which cannot be arrested my heart refuses to accept that I am old. The Chinese would not accept this description, but rather that one is of age, a more subtle and gentler way of expressing our progression in time.

There is always a tinge of regret and misgivings. I wonder, and so will many other senior people, how did time sped away so quickly? Wasn't it just a few years ago that our eye sights and legs stronger? Wasn't it just recently that our hairs were darker and our skin younger without age spots? Wasn't it just yesterday our memories were like daylight and remembering events an easy task not to be questioned? And wasn't it just awhile back when the doctors gave clean bills of health and pills popped were just panadol and not to manage hypertension and high cholesterol? And climbing, running, jumping and squatting taken for granted? Today these are our companion for our remaining years. Aches and pains are our unwelcomed friends day and night. We learn to be philosophical and surrender to the changes beyond our control.

There is the movement to steer aging people away from a depressive outlook of life, that there is much to do and look forward to. Like a narrowing tunnel the opportunities lessen by the year as well as the reluctance to explore and take risks. We tend to retreat into safer and more routine lifestyle. We look towards spiritual fulfillment to prepare ourselves to go peacefully. And we try to put things in order and not procrastinate. Living as if today is the last day. I know not everyone agree with this gloomy outlook. But it is always when someone you know leaves you that it hits you that you are in the same queue. You reflect more of your past life, try to make up for your missed chances, and enjoy your time more for that and your savings are rightly yours to spend as you like.

Growing old is like getting off the bus. You want to stay on to watch life pass by, but the driver has just announced your next stop. I suppose there is no point in resisting growing old. No one lives forever, everyone moves on. Whatever the remaining years are for making up whatever desires that were missed and leaving this life as orderly as possible.

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Anonymous said...

Uncle Peter, so very sorry to hear cut this short, I always tell myself to ask of our Heavenly Dad to teach me to number my days aright in Him....heard that info from a fellow classmate of yours from Sitiawan just now.


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