Saturday, February 08, 2014

Over the Years - Remembering our Wedding Anniversary

Today is our 41st wedding anniversary and I've produced the videoclip below using Windows Movie Maker version 2012 to create this slideshow with effects and animation as well as music background. I have to choose two songs of the correct lengths to ensure they finish at the same time as the slides. There will be no lavish celebration, no flowers, no gifts, just a special dinner to remember this day in history.


Irene Yew said...

Dearest Pa and Mi, happy 41st anniversary to both of you, and thank you for being the greatest parent and parent in law and grandparents to all of us. Your marriage is a example for all of us to follow, and I pray God's overflowing blessings showered into your lives!

Are you having a little celebration this weekend? Knowing you and Mi, it'd be a quiet and simple affair but never short of love and affection.

Peter Yew said...

We'll have the usual quiet dinner celebration. And with thanksgiving in our hearts for the way God has blessed our family with great children and grandchildren.


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