Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Dishonorable Rule

I'm trying to make sense out of what's happening to the way Malaysia is floundering in recent years. Why is the Malay centric government dominated by UMNO trying desperately and dishonorably to force themselves onto all citizens the concept of Ketuanan Melayu or Malay Supremacy in this nation. I'm reminded of what Adolf Hitler tried to create, a superior German race, but UMNO is no Hitler and the Malays are not Germans, and most certainly Malaysia is not Germany. Even without Hitler Germany would still be an advanced and industrial nation. The Germans made it so through their desire to learn and improve themselves. We have Mercedes, BMWs, Audis and Volkswagens in Malaysia but no Protons or Peroduas in Germany. This isn't to belittle my country or my people. It is after all a young nation barely 57 years old. And we are in a hurry to join the big league of developed nations. By 2020 we hope to be there but signs and symptoms say we won't. Where we are today can be blamed squarely upon the manner the UMNO government is leading us using its racist approach and a policy of suppression of the minority races and preferential treatment of the Malays to the extent that it has severely damaged inter-racial harmony and weakened the Malays to stand up against competition without an unsubsidized mentality. In holding on to power the UMNO government sought popular support by pandering to emotion rather than reasons. They have no firm principles of governance and government except of playing to the gallery. And watching from their ivory tower they saw how the Malay Supremacy is fast becoming a joke. To be supreme one has to be strong and respected. But sadly this isn't true of UMNO which led the Malays into where they are today. Feeling left behind and weak the UMNO government tries to champion the race to restore what they never had because the Malays were never tried, tested and tuned to be successful in their own right. Blame it on UMNO for spoon feeding the Malays, and enriching themselves in the process, the Malays have become scorned as a people who cannot survive unless helped.

Yet watching at how other nations where the majority race rule their respective countries, the UMNO government is unhappy that Malaysia is not Malaynized. The UMNO government shamelessly support and encourage anti-Chinese and anti-Indian sentiments obviously seditious but will not tolerate criticism of the manner non-Malays are being treated unequally although we are all citizens, majority of whom are born after the nation achieved independence in 1957. The Malays would have become successful and respected if only they are thrusted towards self reliance. Sadly many chose to live under the false security of preferential treatment and had grown so accustomed to it that they, including the new generation Malays, decided it is their right.

After over 40 years of legalized handouts the Malays have become a race that will find it very difficult to survive on its own. I've seen Malay townships not prospering because they market their products and services to themselves. Now as we reach the end of 2013 we're not seeing any efforts made to strengthen the Malay position. They are still shouting Malay Supremacy and Islamization of the country. Frankly I would like my fellow Malay citizens to be modernized to be knowledgeable and competent to stand shoulder to shoulder to the Chinese and Indians as well as against foreign companies.

How do you deal with a country led by a weakened race because the ruling government planned it that way and the people chose not to stand up and reject a corrupt government? They should have used the May 5 general election to boot out the BN government but fell for the cash subsidies and promises of more good life which will not materialise. The BN government have reneged on its promises not to increase toll but rather reduce intra city toll.

2014 is going to be tough and the average citizens are going to be very angry. Sugar subsidy was fully removed immediately after the 2014 Budget Speech on October 25. Fuel subsidy which was partially removed by 20 sen per litre on September 2 is likely to be removed further next year as the government seek additional taxes to reduce its budget deficits. Electricity tariff is confirmed to increase by about 15% from January 1, 2014 to households and businesses with the smaller consumers exempted. Toll rates in the Klang Valley, Selangor will increase by between 50 sen and RM2 sometime next year affecting some 3 million road users, private and commercial. Toll rate on the North South Highway may similarly increase. Property owners in Kuala Lumpur has already been slapped with increase in assessments based on inflated property values. This trend is likely to be emulated by other town and city councils across the nation. The immediate effect will be a sharp increase in cost of goods especially food, transport, drugs, demand for better salaries or cost of living allowance, and education.

All these sudden increases suggest a desperate and knee jerk reaction by the government to reign in its ballooning deficit that has raised our nation debt to 53% of the GDP. Malaysia produced USD303.5 billion worth of GDP so this means we are in debt to some USD160 billion. For a small population of 29 million it translate to an average individual debt of USD5517 or RM17,600. How did we ever come to this when we have so much natural resources if not for gross mismanagement and illegal fund outflow which Malaysiakini reported HERE that RM200 billion was siphoned out in 2010 alone, which more than double that of 2009 and the highest on record. We have no information for 2011 and 2012 but I don't expect the numbers to be lower. If not for such massive outflows we would not be owing money but be a net lender instead. I'm sure many powerful and well-connected cronies will be in jail if we have a just law enforecement and fearless judiciary. The BN government must be held accountable to what is happening under its watch.

 I do not foreseee a good year in 2014 with a deterioration in standard of living as people try to contain expenditures by spending on lower quality food, products and services. Yet I will still wish my readers both from Malaysia and overseas a very happy New Year 2014. May we have the resilience to overcome the odds and come out victorious.

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