Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Bathroom Hazards

I caught up with an old acquaintance in my recent Eastern Europe holiday. 40 years ago I met him in Kluang, Johore, when as a green graduate I was posted to his factory for training, not under him but his former colleague in charge of research and development. I was saddened to learn of the demise of my mentor Shum which was the direct result of a fall in his bathroom several years ago. He had fractured his hip and never recovered since and died a few years later from complications resulting from that unfortunate incident. Could it have been avoided? I believe so.

I stayed in 6 different luxury hotels in E. Europe and every one of them was equipped with long bath. Only one has a shower cabinet. None except the hotel that provided shower cabinet provided anti-slip mats for the long bath. Maybe these hotels expected their guests to bath, and not shower standing up inside the bath. That I'd say is most presumptuous since their guests come from all over the world and not everyone bath lying down. Now, I may be wrong but I think long bath is the western thingy. They like to lie for a long time, soak up and truly enjoy the privacy and pleasure of bathing. For travelers in a hurry I think they don't have the luxury of hogging the bath, especially if the husband is screaming it is about time the wife give up the bath to him.

There are several bathroom hazards I can think of but on top of my head is slipping while standing up to shower in the long bath. Every long bath must be designed with an anti-slip floor mosaic to provide some foot grip especially after applying the shower gel or hair shampoo. Otherwise an anti-slip rubber mat is absolutely necessary. A fall can cause a minor head concussion which may cause hemorrhage unknown to the victim, or a fracture like what happened to poor Mr. Shum, or abrasion or cut leading to bleeding. Or it could cause unconsciousness, even death if no one discover the accident.

Other hazards are scalding from the hot water shower head due to unfamiliarity of usage, slipping on the bathroom floor and getting cut by toilet paper holder (yessss, I nearly did from the sharp edge of the stainless steel flap).

Senior people are most vulnerable especially having to climb over the long bath and climb out. If they forgot to pre-lay the floor towel and try to grab it to lay an accident is in the making. With more senior people buying tour packages hotel industry hospitality and safety people must review how to not only make their guests have pleasant stay but stay out of possibly mishaps. Please remember Asians treat long baths as shower room because we seldom lie down. Even if we do please ensure we have strong grab holders to lift ourselves up, safely.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back. Your stories and photos were very interesting. Andrew.

Peter Yew said...

Nice of you to drop by. Thank you for your compliments.


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