Monday, October 28, 2013

Another Successful Fund Raiser Concluded

Like in an examination I heaved a sigh of relief after last Saturday's fund raising dinner ended with us raising over RM60,000 for the Persatuan Berdikari Seremban Negeri Sembilan or PBSNS which I head. A small task force started meeting as early as February this year to choose the venue, decide on the performer to approach and the guest of honor to invite. We tossed the idea of inviting a politically connected leader but eventually abandoned it. After 8 meetings the four of us are proud of our achievement. And we know that we have been blessed by God in this endeavor.

Looking back I cannot deny there were moments of doubts and disappointments being unsure if we can match left alone exceed the target of our first fund raising effort in December 2010. I actually approached the preparation with less excitement than I should have, being disillusioned by lack of initial team spirit. People who were zealous in the beginning fired up but extinguished out early revealing their true colors and their lack of genuine passion for this community work. They could not put aside their personal differences to thrive for the goal of helping the centre grow. But those who stayed united can be assured that their efforts will be remembered here and recognized in the hereafter for the work of PBSNS though fashioned by hands and the planned by human minds is surely confirmed and blessed by God. It is built not to profit anyone but to benefit those who truly need our help to start a new life. Nothing in life is more noble than to put ourselves in service of those who are handicapped and need us.

The responses to our appeal were lukewarm in the early months and that I can associate with the local culture of not committing until the last moment. It bored out to be true because barely 2 weeks before the event we thought we would achieve just 50-51 tables. However, like runners dashing towards the finishing line, 6 more tables were sold in the closing days. Finally we hit 57 tables, just one short of the 2010 raiser. But an unaudited count of the proceeds showed we have exceeded what we obtained in 2010. I couldn't be happier but had wished for a united and exuberant spirit from those who did not stay through the preparatory months. They could have felt recognized by their contributions.

PBSNS raised funds to cover their operating expenses. It is seeking suitable candidates to fill 2 vacancies as job placement officer and project trainer.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Peter, your work with the disabled is an inspiration, touching the lives of many !
Francis from Sydney


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