Thursday, September 12, 2013

EE Holiday - Departure on September 12

Last night we were picked up by a designated van to take us and 4 others to the airport. Another three vans brought 22 others there while the another 7 joined us on their own transport. Our group size is 35 excluding Alice, our tour leader from Golden Tourworld Travel or GTT. We last used this agency in 2002 when we toured the Canadian Rockies and had a memorable experience. I look forward to their expertise and professionalism again. Alice sounded nice and courteous when she called me a few days back to make sure I have all I needed ready. Mmm she forgot to mention my passports! For seniors I think this is a definite reminder. And medicine too. Anyway she spoke good English which is a relief as I can't speak the Chinese dialects too well. This time the tour was organized by an experienced church friend TFT who has rounded up this group. I guess that help make me decide to join.

We packed lightly, one clamshell luggage and one trolley bag which we checked in all the way to Munich, and two soft bags which we hand carried. They were adequate to include extra jackets, walking shoes, umbrellas, thermos for hot drinks and other stuffs to ensure a comfortable hotel stay. Each of us donned a jacket and wore our long johns to keep warm during the flights as well as the day tour in Munich before we leave for Salzburg, Austria. Weather forecast for Munich on arrival is wet and cold. Brrrrr.

I had the opportunity to check out the weather forecasts of the major cities we'll be visiting. Looks like there will be some drizzle and light rain but hopefully it is accurate. To be safe we'll bringing our ponchos (from the days of the Maid of the Mist ride in the Niagara Falls over 10 years ago, and still in near perfect condition!) and caps. Don't want to be caught in heavy showers like the last time we were in Salzburg! Got pretty drenched and stuck waiting for the rain to subside inside a florist shop. Can still remember that incident even after 11 years. Goes to show how it can nag my memory besides the good ones. I also got to check out the various hotels we will be staying. I hope there is no last minute change as these hotels are just gorgeous! One of them is even beside the River Danube! And I hope we will be given a room overlooking it. For sure that will be most romantic provided it doesn't rain. We may even take an evening stroll by the bank if we have the chance. All the hotels look very modern and some even provide free wifi. Woo hoo! GTT goes out of their way to ensure we get the best deal and I'm having a good feeling the holiday will be very good.

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