Thursday, August 08, 2013

Blogging or Facebooking?

Until I got into serious social networking on Facebook I was blogging more intensely. I still blog but the effort is greater and require more focus. That's why you see I blog less often, perhaps 6-10 posts every month. I try to keep up knowing I'm been 'watched' by my visitors from the world over. I wouldn't want them to stop coming by. Yet I try not to blog spuriously. This post is a confession that I'm struggling to keep up with both and I admit it is harder to blog than status update on my timeline. But I have serious issue with Facebook. It capture in real time every single move you make. And if your friends happen to be online you're caught before you can delete your activity. FB doesn't let you review before posting, unlike blogging. And FB doesn't let you edit out your mistakes after you post. FB really expose you if you don't know how to manage your privacy options well, even then you just don't fully know how your contents are leaking into other users tablets, smartphones or PCs especially photos. So there is less control and greater risk. But I embrace it by not putting stuff that I regret later.

But writing on FB is a lot more fun and easier. I suddenly realize I'm using my FB as a mini blog! I don't like sharing without saying something or commenting. Forgive me but I think that is like showing something to a friend without telling why you are doing it. On FB I can either share my thoughts, feelings, experience or pick up a news feed or article that I think my friends like and share with them. I create a group that only select friends can view and comment. And I create a page to create awareness to the community work I'm involved in. The beauty of FB is instant access but its 'unbeauty' is limited audience. I believe I have more readers to my blog than my FB timeline.

Yet there is a fundamental strength that blogs have. You decide on its contents and how often you write in yours. My blog is like my garden that I plant and nurture. It is my digital signature. I may write less often but will not abandon it completely. I like my readers to read my FB too if they find my blog slow. The link is

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