Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mexican Dinner

My daughter Irene threw me a challenge yesterday. Find us a dinner venue. Normally when we visit she and hubby would ask what food we like then decide where to bring us. Being unfamiliar with eateries in Petaling Jaya I googled using my HTC One. My wife had said I've been spending too much time with it but I assured her once I get to know how to use it I'll be more routine in my time management.

One name popped up in my search. Frontera Sol of Mexico. The location is about 15 minutes away and the reviews quite good. Not perfect but I was feeling adventurous. We don't have good Mexican food restaurant in Seremban so I asked if my choice is ok with the kids. That cleared Irene made a reservation. In PJ it is always safer to reserve, more so on weekends and, now being the fasting month of Ramadan, the Muslims break fast around 7.30 so we don't want to be caught in a large dining crowd.

We arrived 7.15. No crowd so we get to choose a nice corner for the 6 of us. As we mulled over what to order the 2 kids made themselves at home on the bar stools doing their homework.

We chose the Tacos and Tequila Tuesday promotion set package. Although it is Saturday the restaurant decided to waive the condition. The deal is eat all you can until 10pm all for RM35 per head before the 16% tax and service charge. Being there for the first time we wanted to get a good sampling. The menu consists 12 different types of tacos with both corn and wheat tortillas and fillings of fish, chicken, beef, prawns, vegetables, tofu and egg prepared Mexican style. Alongside these main dishes each order is allowed a side dish of Mexican rice, refried beans, salad, mashed potatoes or pico de gallo. And a glass of non refillable iced lemon tea and a bowl of shredded chicken chilli soup.

We unashamedly ordered every thing. Over the 2 hours we leisurely enjoy the 47, yes 47, tacos. That average to 10-12 per person. I was stuffed at the end. But we were relieved the bill came to as expected.

Would we go back and recommend this bar? Yes of course. Location in Jaya One. I'm amused that that's another One for me. For the record this post is written on my HTC One.

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