Monday, July 01, 2013

Disgusting and Irresponsible

THIS is disgusting. Admist the brouhaha over the irregularities over the conduct (or misconduct) of the Elections Commission during the GE13 which saw the Barisan government retained the right to government with a reduced majority of about 47%, it is now rewarding the employees of the commission. For what? For putting them back in power? Using whose money? Taxpayers? My money? I vehemently protest this sort of disgusting and high handed attempts to bribe civil servants setting a wrong perception that wrongdoing is acceptable. Even if there is no wrongdoing no reward must be offered to the employees for carrying out the duties of a paid job. But most certainly the top honchos, the chairman and the vice chairman must be disqualified from any incentives for their gross failures in managing a glitch-free general election. In fact for the fiasco created over the indelible ink issue that made us a laughing stock and caused much embarrassment they should have been sacked.

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