Monday, June 10, 2013

Nothing Happy About Birthdays

Whoever that create happy birthday songs and teach people to celebrate their anniversaries of growing old must have known that growing older is certainly not something to be happy about. Celebrating birthdays are to soothe away whatever misgivings we have of leaving the past behind and heading into our sunsets, especially when we cross the decade bars. Ask anyone who becomes 30 and the answer is likely to be, ooooh I am growing old and I can feel it. As 30s hit 40, and 40s hit 50, the same feeling that birthdays are just reminders of our vulnerability knead at our souls. How we wish time can slow down a little so we can enjoy our mid age a little longer.

Somewhere someone just turn 60 and I can empathize with him or her for I had entered that zone several years ago. People can say all they like that it is a glorious thing to be old, people give you more respect, make way for you and are more patient with your slowness. Well, that's all crap to those who believe that at whatever age each stand alone alongside the others. Truth is we are really losing advantage to the younger citizens. Our bodies refuse to cooperate and our mind conveniently forget. The least we need is to be reminded every year that we are giving away more of our abilities and faculties as we age. Perhaps that's why some people refuse to celebrate birthdays. They prefer not to be reminded that time is flying ever so fast away.

I may be wrong but I'm sure there are people who like to grow old and die. These people look foward to a perfect and ageless life after death which is priceless and free from worldy pain and sufferings. Most likely this category of people are sufferers and find this life not worth enjoying. So to them birthdays can be happy reminders in anticipation of going away sooner.

If you are happy with growing older, then Happy Birthday to you. Otherwise I guess wishing you a Blessed Birthday would be more appropriate.

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