Sunday, June 16, 2013

First Time Dad

Today being Father's Day took me back to the day I first became one, on a December morning in 1974 when I went to the maternity ward of the hospital where my wife gave birth to our first child, a daughter. As I gazed at the pint size infant in the cot next to my wife I asked myself this ageless question, "Is this my child?" Not that I doubt but in a sudden bewilderment that I am no longer responsible just to the two of us, my wife and I, but a third person has become an important part of our lives. I was soaked in feelings of joy and fear, pride and humility. I still couldn't comprehend the enormous responsibility I was then bestowed. I stood in awe of a life that came from us, a feeling till today I could not repeat for in that moment in time my life changed forever. I had become a father.

I became father twice more and for the next 25 years raised my children as best as we could. They moved where I moved, they became pawns of my follies and they were delivered into my world to be made adults who not only carry the family tradition but values that impact their peers and society. My key advice to them all is make society a better place by their presence.

Today I wore two titles. This morning my older grandchildren called up to wish me Happy Grandfather's Day. It was a sweet feeling that I know I will enjoy year after year. The upbringing of our children has led to the filial upbringing of their children. My wife and I are truly blessed to have our six grandchildren. They will be our gems we wear upon our crowns in old age.


Anonymous said...

Hi Peter, reminiscing about the past - eh. Anyway I hope things are OK in Seremban as the haze looks bad.
I came across an article of what caused the haze from Sumatra. A tale of greed and callousness. Andrew

Peter Yew said...


It's like this. When you have more years behind you than in front, it is natural to look at what past you've stashed up. The future years? Hazy like the weather! But thank God not as bad as Singapore which my friend there just reported is clearing with shift in wind direction.

Thanks for the Tripa report. Shall share the link on my FB page.


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