Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Blackout Rallies

After the 11th Blackout rally held last night in Kangar, Perlis, the smallest and northern most state in peninsula Malaysia held by the BN state government one common observation stood out. There was not a single unruly incident reported. And the police were not present to create any trouble. Unlike the Hindraf and Bersih rallies that the police and riot squads intervened that resulted in injuries and property damages. In fact the estimated half million participants who eagerly attended all these rallies were there to be part of a peaceful revolution with no intention to cause any trouble or inconvenience. They went to support a noble cause, to restore a just government for what they experienced was that the BN government had been corrupt, divisive, extreme, arrogant, self centered and inept. Malays, Chinese, Indians, Punjabis and East Malaysians. It is a universal desire to want a leadership that possess qualities that endear the public to them. Over a month after BN was reinstalled as the federal government for another 5 years, the same old incorrigible BN remain. In fact the deputy PM even threatened constituencies and states that did not vote in BN candidates that they will not receive the same assistance as BN won states and constituencies. This is blatant discrimination. Did he not realize his statement has hurt those in the opposition won constituencies who has voted for the BN candidates?

PM Najib spoke of national reconciliation after the election. Nothing that took place these past week suggest he has made any effort to heal the nation. A peacemaking PM he is not. Perhaps many voters who casted for BN had begun to regret their choices.

Both coalitions have begun to file petitions in high courts over irregularities in constituencies their candidates lost. Precious time will be spent to assess evidence and calling up witnesses to decide if any re-elections are necessary. The central blame had been on the partial Election commissioners who took the unashamed stand of being pro-government. Demands have been made on their resignation but they doggedly refused. The country is going to the dogs at the way our government ministers muddled through a weak mandate. More seats did not equate to popular support. The electoral system definitely need to be revamped to be fairer. The outlook is bleak as both the EC and BN wants to bury the Pakatan opposition before it reach full size. The problem is Pakatan is having more people backing its right to form the government. How many of the rank and file police and military forces as well as the civil servants are quietly pro-Pakatan ? The third strike in 2018 may see BN knock out after losing their two third majority in 2008 and 2013 and having a reducing simple majority.

All these Blackout rallies serve to keep the spirit high and reminders to BN never to underestimate the power of people movements. Like the post-911 rallying cry against terrorism we are reminded to 'never forget' how we were cheated of our victory on May 5, 2013. The 'Ini Kalilah' placard in my room will be a constant reminder of how very close we came to taste victory and real change.

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