Saturday, June 22, 2013

Does Rallies Prove Anything?

The KL622 rally at Padang Merbok has ended. About 30,000 supporters of Pakatan, Bersih or anyone who wants reform to be instituted quickly came and left peacefully with a handful now camping there to occupy the field to await the opening of the new parliament session on Monday. It was a relatively tame affair. Despite the threat from the City Hall who refused to issue a permit to gather there the might of human wave pushed the threat aside. There is nothing City Hall officials, the minister or the police can do. The participants were just walking orderly from seven gathering points towards PM. There is no offense in walking in a group. The police did the right thing to just coordinate the traffic flow. By the time the participants dispersed after 6pm there were no reports of any scuffles or injuries. KL622 has sent the message to the government. Disband the current Election Commission or face continuous pressures from civil movements until they do. This is the purpose of the rallies, to force the reformation since they refused to reform on their own. In the mind of the protesters the Pakatan coalition lost the election because of bias of the EC. Having won more popular votes, they deserve the right to form the government, not Barisan which earned less than 50% of the total votes casted. The EC has failed to institute a democratic electoral process to allow popular votes to decide the choice of their government.

All over the world governments are beholden to the people. Gone are the days when people fear the government. Now it is the reverse. The Barisan government had better listen and concede to the demands or face further actions. Just get rid of the heads of the EC and have new ones appointed. What is the fear?

Hats off to all the participants who gave up their weekend afternoon for a cause that help define a more equitable society. We must be a nation ruled by a government chosen by the majority. Only then can we have peace and harmony between the people and the government they put in power. For now 51% voters disagree that Barisan have any moral right to run the nation.

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