Sunday, May 12, 2013

Where is the Government ?

I was upset when I accidentally deleted my previous post entitled 'One Voice' in which I wrote on the massive rally held by Pakatan Rakyat at the Kelana Jaya Stadium on May 8 night at which an estimated 120,000 supporters showed up. The event created an impassable traffic jam at all roads and highway leading to the stadium. At that event the crowds inside and outside the stadium were truly of one voice demanding the return of justice to them because they believed the GE13 election was rigged in favor of the ruling coalition, Barisan Nasional.

Subsequent to this two other rallies had been held, at Ipoh and in Penang last night which recorded an even higher attendance of some 150,000 people. Figures may be exaggerated but pictures don't lie. Indeed the crowd sizes are frightening, much larger than at rock concerts, grand prix, football games or sporting events. BN must surely be worried. They had never and could not amass such a great response at short notices and without any enticement like cash or food. When you have such a negative reaction to the government there must be some truth to the allegations that some hanky panky had taken place on May 5 just a week ago. The prime minister had been given a nasty nickname Bapa (Father) Blackout in reference to the many blackouts at the tallying centers at which the BN candidates won under dubious circumstances and with narrow majorities.

It has been nearly a week now. The federal cabinet has not been named which is not surprising. Internal tussles among warring factions of the predominant party within BN, that is UMNO, has not been settled. PM Najib Razak has to appease them to ensure he gets re-elected as UMNO president this coming assembly at year end to assure his continuity as PM, failing which he will lose it to the new president. Losing the PMship expose Najib to grave danger. He has to deal with ongoing investigation of bribery in the Scorpene submarine purchases while he was the defense minister before he became PM in 2009. He also has to deal with the related crime involving the murder of Mongolian model Altantuya in Malaysia that he denied any involvement. It is a messy situation for him.

On top of the top post he also worry over the instability of his new government. With PR under the leadership of Anwar Ibrahim hot on his heel, driving the frenzies using public rallies to garner supports (there are plans to hold more rallies in other cities round the country) there are talks of UMNO lawmakers recently elected jumping ship to PR. In the similar vein, BN is also enticing PR lawmakers to jump over using, you guess it, cash rewards. They can't promise cabinet posts as there are not enough to go round. PR don't have that much cash so have to offer cabinet posts or other top civil servant posts to the renegades. Situation now is like an auction house. The highest bidder wins. Crazy but this is Malaysian politics in a shamble.

Within BN other troubles are occurring. Gerakan president has tendered his resignation for the failure of his part to deliver the federal seats contested. MCA president is being pressured to step down. He is resisting but accept his fate at the party's general assembly he will be calling soon. Both Gerakan and MCA are the largest coalition partners in BN after UMNO. Should their members call for their parties to leave BN it will spell the end of it. Currently the moods are not kind towards staying and while negotiations are taking place to appease those who plan to jump or leave, the government is technically still a caretaker government. This is very unhealthy and dangerous. It is like the pilot has set the aircraft on auto pilot and he is still not back inside the cockpit to fly the plane. The crew and passengers have reasons to be concerned.

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