Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Truth About Growing Old

I am 65 so I think I qualify sharing my thoughts on this. Add more or disagree in your comments. 

1. Old people are not necessary the wisest. They still make mistakes, they still learn. The big question is whether their ego is too big to make them humble to admit their imperfections.

2. Dying is inevitable. Growing old is the last leg towards that destination. There is no point resisting it or spending a fortune delaying it.

3. Aging is not pleasant. Seldom do people age without suffering. Pain and illnesses are constant companions. The bodies will shut down progressively including the brains. Learn to live a more limited lifestyle no matter what others may say. Don't fall or injure yourself. Healing is slower and more complicated. Your misfortune will be your family's misfortune and inconvenience.

4. Be yourself. Don't envy your peers who are better off or try to emulate them. Blame it on your forefathers for the bad DNA if you must but realize no one is born, or die, perfect.

5. Don't try to be a health freak and follow advices and tips from lifestyle and health magazines. They want to make your money. Understand your own limitations and stay safe. Don't feel guilty if you can't workout or walk if that is not your habit. We are all born different. Be content and happy for your present state of life. The best advice is still enjoy your old age for there is no other time.

6. The one constant throughout life is time. A minute at birth is the same as at death, only the value of it changes. In old age you become more aware of time because you are more free to think about it. Try to involve in work if you can, or immerse yourself in recreations to free yourself from thinking about the passage of time. You will not be a slave to wasted time and regret not fulfilling anything meaningful.

7. You will be frustrated, angry and difficult. Don't apologize. It has to do with internal frustration against what we want (from our brain) and what we can (from our body). It also has to do with the cumulative unresolved hurt and ill feelings that you are discharging because you feel it is your right to demand a closure, your way. But remember you are a piece in the family you belong to and as imperfect as each member is so are you. Seek peace and forgiveness. Don't grieve the living by the outpouring of your anger. Growing old and dying is like reading the final chapter of a novel. At the end you must close the book and put it away. Likewise your life must be similarly closed.

8. Friends always have your best interest when they encourage and advise you. Do what you like and don't be pressured. On the other hand be open to consider them. The past is not always the best and opportunities to discover more exist if you learn to let go of whatever that holds you back.

9. Old people often have regrets. This is normal and not to be ashamed. One of the regrets is not being able to live the perfect life or be the perfect companion or parent. Realize that regrets are like parasites that live on you and draw away your love of living. Also accept that nobody will blame you for being imperfect. All they want is to know that you have walked out of their lives making a difference. So be a positive changer.

10. Lastly, learn to be thankful. For whatever state we are in when we grow old and die, nothing changes. Wealth may in fact be a curse to those who cannot control it. Power may corrupt our life if we fail to understand it. Our minds are often influenced by envy for the worldly goods. In growing old and dying long for the heavenly goods instead. Accept the goodwill of your family and friends. Follow and don't resist. Just as you were helplessly and mercifully delivered into this world so accept that you will likewise be delivered into the next.

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Girl said...

Well said. Totally agree.


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