Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Fermenting Discontent

Regime change is always preceded by people uprising. Uprising is always preceded by discontentment. Discontentment is always the result of bad governance and corruption. Bad governance and corruption are usually the fruits of being in power for too long. The characteristics of an overstayed regime is arrogance, divisive rule, refusal to attend to basic human needs, stealth and misappropriation of public funds and denial of wrongdoings. And the worse situation is when such a regime hang on to power by abusing public trust and employing fraudulent means to ensure the oppositions are denied any chance of victory.

All over the world when people are forced to uprise against a government it started by creating a politically sensitive society. Contented citizens seldom bother how their government run the administration. Only when they sense trouble brewing will they get involved. A politically interested society is bad news for a government. It means they are being watched and assessed. It means the citizens have reasons not to fully trust their work. It means they want accountability and a strong check and balance political system.

All the above are portent signs that we are seeing. It doesn't require an Einstein or Plato to see the trend we are heading. So long as the regime turn a deaf ear, refuse to eat humble pie when suffering losses in an election, but continue to talk arrogantly and blame everyone else but themselves, such a regime no long fit the expectations of the tax paying citizens.

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