Monday, May 06, 2013

Darkness Reigns Over Malaysia

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The 13th General Election is over. Barisan Nasional won with a simple majority. As I blog this they chalked up 122 wins out of 222 seats, Pakatan Rakyat took 71 seats leaving another 29 seats to be declared in the next few hours. I shan't wait to see all the results. It is now 2.00am and I'm tired from tracking the results for the past 6 hours. What is my concern is that BN must not win more than 2/3 or 148 seats for that will give them the power to amend the federal constitutions which has been denied them since March 2008.

Together with thousands of people out there we are angry, dismayed and afraid by what happened today. We saw how the ruling government openly allowed foreigners to vote for them using fake identity cards. We saw how the indelible ink that was supposed to stay on our fingers wash away easily and we asked if those who voted last week, couldn't they have voted again today? We felt cheated when during the ballot counting process, when the government candidates were trailing behind their opponents, suddenly additional ballot boxes were brought in with voting slips that had been crossed in favor of the ruling government. This is criminal manipulation that must not go unanswered. And the government candidates would win by a narrow majority. We have election officials and police who are openly biased and suppostive of the government instead of being fair to all candidates. We have power supply suddenly turned off and when it came back new ballot boxes were mysteriously added for counting. We have polling agents belonging to the Opposition being treated unfairly. It was an unfair election rigged with fraudulence.

I am saddened that the hope of people wanting change was dashed by open cheating. The government was desperate to hold on to power for fear of losing their ill gotten gains or dark secrets revealed and brought out to court. Although the government have lost many ministers it nevertheless won the election. But it would lose the popular votes when all the votes are counted after tomorrow. It would also lose the notion of being a coalition of major races since those parties representing the Chinese and Indians were soundly defeated. Darkness has come to beautiful Malaysia. I am sorrowful and I am going into mourning for my country that has been hijacked.

As I ended this post the results are 128 for BN and 78 for PR with 16 more seats to be declared. BN has been denied the 2/3 majority which is a big relief. However what we expect now is nation building and healing. Will this happen before the next election in 2018?

Final Results: BN 133 (previously 140), PR 89 (previously 82)


Anonymous said...

Went to vote here in Penang. There were 2 schools side by side. One school had very long queues. The other (which I went to) had none. Poor planning or unfortunate coincidence. The freebies probably worked in the rural areas. But less so in urban areas like Penang. In fact it may have backfired. Andrew.

Peter Yew said...

BN exploited a basic human weakness. To some they debased their conscience and dignity by taking the freebies and voting for them thus falling into their traps. Others are smarter. The outcome of this election has shown that greed will be the yardstick of how many choose to live. They simply don't care if compromising the future of the nation worry them. Eventually the whole country is put to suffer.


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