Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Angry Reactions

A week after the general election the country is worse off than before. No signs of closures and the opposition has organized and continue to organize more rallies to drive home the central message:

We don't accept the outcome of the election because popular votes prove the people prefer Pakatan Rakyat so why is Barisan Nasional forming the next government ?

The system of electoral delineation has intentionally given BN the advantage. Plus alleged frauds like phantom voting and dubious indelible ink Malaysians who want a just and fair election felt cheated. One reason why the people are less forgiving than before could be the worry the nation is going bankrupt. A minister has given the warning. The prime minister is dishing out contracts to cronies and cash to the poor from a debt ridden pool. Our foreign reserves and domestic savings cannot cover our debt payment and cost of financing the borrowings. To be compared to European failed nations like Greece is not unreasonable. The people are worried because for the first time in our history we may join other countries that has to beg for assistance. How the immediate future translate into domestic problems affecting the poor and middle class is anyone guess but the picture is not going to be rosy. Two years ago when someone speculated that one day our women may have to work as maids overseas it was laughed off as incredible. Today that possibility is getting more real if we don't reign in our irresponsible spending. Najib Razak is the most irresponsible as far as fiscal management of our resources is concerned. Under his 5 years term, no 4 years (2009-2013) he has made million sound so common. Now every project must be at least a billion or more. The citizens worry that if this continue for the next 5 years their savings in the Employees Provident Fund may be beyond reach if they are locked away in government bond papers. Others who save in deposits, bonds, properties and stocks may find their values plummeting should the ringgit depreciate significantly. In the meantime cost of living continue to spiral and crime and personal security become top concerns that the police are helpless to control.

There was an almost certainty that BN would be toppled democratically on May 5. When it didn't concerned citizens cried foul. Never before had Malaysian voters working and studying oversea find it crucial to fly home to vote. They just felt it would be national duty to save the nation. Imagine their anger and frustrations when BN just win so easily although with reduced majority and reduced support. The Election Commission refused to provide a level playing field for PR to contest fairly. So the hundreds of thousand of participants at the PR rallies are just signs of discontent. There are others who support from their homes and offices and in their social networks.

Prime minister Najib was a poor loser even though he won. By carelessly blaming the results on Chinese tsunami he wipe off his years of persuading the people that he genuinely wanted a 1Malaysia citizenry and culture. Two words revealed his hypocrisy and racists within his party and other pro-BN societies jumped on the bandwagon to preach racist and seditious messages that could have created a new May 13 if not for a more civilized generation and social networking that appealed for calm.

Seriously you cannot get everybody calmed when the feeling of injustice is overpowering. You must remember many concerned people sacrificed time, money and even their safety to fight for a more just society and then to see their efforts failed not for want of support but fear mongering, bully tactics and election frauds. You cannot stop them from venting their anger, like what one such activist Haris Ibrahim is planning to do, arouse an uprising now because 5 years is too long a wait.

Malaysians are peace loving. We detest violence. We are a civilized lot but when cornered many are forced to defend their values. If Najib is not going to work fast to reconcile the factions he may be like his dad, the second prime minister, who was involved and installed PM after the May 13, 1969 race riot.

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