Friday, April 19, 2013

Shitty Malaysian Politics

There, I've said it and I mean it. As I write this nomination day for the 13th General Election is just over 24 hours away and less than 12 hours ago we read that one of the component party of the opposition coalition vying to capture the seat of federal government at the GE, the Democratic Action Party, or the DAP, runs the risk of being deregistered by the Registrar of Societies over the latter's non-recognition of its elected central committee. Although verbally assured the party can use its party symbol, the rocket, on polling day set on May 5, the leadership chose not to take its word as honorable but instead insist on the retraction of the letter of non-recognition. It is highly improbable at this late hour. The DAP leadership in an emergency meeting with its other coalition partners, the PAS and PKR, decided with their agreement, to stand for election under their symbols to avoid any complication with the ROS which can rule DAP as an illegal party and therefore rule their victories at the election null and void. This action reeked of underhanded tactics, borrowing the words of Lim Guan Eng, DAP's secretary general. Immediately reactions on cyberspace on social networks have condemned the ROS for this last minute attempt to derail the opposition from winning the election. DAP have decided to use the full moon symbol belonging to PAS in peninsula Malaysia and the PKR's eye symbol in Sabah and Sarawak. It was a very unwilling decision, one that made the adviser, Lim Kit Siang, a DAP's founder, cry out in abject frustration and anger. That feeling is not his alone but of DAP members and supporters of the opposition force. Today the battle cry is changed to 'Enough is enough'. This dirty, shitty and underhanded politics must translate into the downfall of Barisan Nasional. Period.

Read HERE for a full report.

The above incident saddens me too. It shows how immature our politics is and how the BN cannot and refuses to fight fairly but use agencies like ROS that are controlled by pro-BN heads to sabotage its oppositions. If there is any doubt of my fully supporting DAP or the other coalition partners, it has just fizzled. The ROS case made me a 100% opposition supporter and I am not ashamed nor afraid to declare. BN does not deserve any vote from me and my family. Even if a friend runs under the BN tickets in my constituency I will tell him I won't support him for being in the wrong party that I have no faith in. But if he stands as an independent he may stand a chance of a sympathy vote, but under BN? Absolutely no way!

It is true what the opposition feared that this 13GE will be the dirtiest of all. I will not be surprised at all if more shits are thrown after the candidates are officially nominated and accepted by the Election Commission to stand for election. And you know for sure who will be throwing those shits.

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