Thursday, April 18, 2013

Nordic Walking

I stumbled upon this exercise routine recently and tried it out this morning when I had our early morning walk, my wife and I, at the nearby City Park, before we adjourned for breakfast. I'll show you the video clip later but Nordic walking is nothing more than brisk and purposeful walking using two poles that appear like ski poles with palm straps to keep the poles from slipping accidentally. I don't have these poles and I doubt I can find them in any sports shop in Seremban but knowing how the exercise works I tried it with invisible poles. Yes, I imagine I was plodding along with a pole on each hand and commented to my wife I'm marching. And it is actually quite fun. Nobody nearby was walking the way I did and some may be even starring. The point is I find the walking to be more beneficial that just walking. I didn't cover more than 200 meters and felt my body muscles starting to strain. Like the video commenter says, Nordic walking works on 90% of the body muscles if done correctly. Even if I wasn't doing it all right without an instructor to correct me I know I am working on more leg and back muscles than simple walking. I'd recommend my readers to try the Nordic. It can be done anywhere and bystanders may first find you a little eccentric they will soon be walking like you. Here's the clip I promised.

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