Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Malaysian Parliament Officially Dissolved Today

After months of speculations today at 11.33am live over two national television channels, prime minister Najib Razak flanked by his deputy Muhyuiddin Yassin, officially announced that he has received royal consent from the King to dissolve the Parliament today. He proceeded to promote his coalition party and urged the voters to give it a fresh mandate to govern the country for another 5 years. Najib appeared nervous as he began his announcement and fumbled when he made a mistake of stating the dissolution date as April 3, 2012. I believe he meant 2013.

With the dissolution of Parliament the sitting government now becomes a caretaker government with no authority to commit any agreements to any projects including purchases and awarding of contracts. The people of Malaysia look forward to the announcement of the polling date so they can make plans to apply leave if necessary to be at their constituencies to cast their votes. In the history of Malaysia this will be the most crucial election in which the ruling coalition which has been in power since the nation was born risk being booted out.

The road to a new Malaysia has been laid. I pray for a smooth election which is expected to be held end of April.

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