Sunday, April 14, 2013

Celebration Month

April stands out as the month in which there are the most celebrations of birthdays and anniversaries. Within the immediate family there are 4 birthdays - mine and 3 grandchildren's. My sister-in-law also had her birthday in April and we celebrated for her when she visited us recently. April has 3 anniversaries - one wedding and 2 deaths. My wife and I had our wedding by dinner celebration in April and this year is our ruby anniversary or the 40th year of togetherness. In April also my dad passed away (15 years ago) and so did my pet dog King (14 years ago) and it was buried in a corner spot in our garden under the shady leaves of the mango tree. If I may add another event that can be like a birthday, that is the birthday of our new garden which I'll blog separately. So April is special to me. Here are some pictures to remember this month.

Victoria's 8th birthday bash

Italian theme birthday dinner at home

The birthday girl and boys

William's birthday will come later in the month

Enjoying the attention

Giving attention

Receiving attention

My sister-in-law's birthday

Our ruby anniversary celebration

Andrew posing. He's quite photogenic when he's focussed

Stanley and Christine duet

Andrew and William engrossed in a game

Grace enjoys karaoke-ing to Gangnam Style

Joshua celebrating his 1st birthday in the States

A family photo in room 5 of Silver Dragon Restaurant

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