Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Beyond A New Lawn

The whole idea of stripping my present lawn is because it has become badly infested with weeds. Having a new lawn would means keeping it weed-free for as long as possible. Weeds can be blown in from the outside which is not controllable. The controllable ones are those from the existing potted plants as well as weed seeds stuck to the grass cutter.

For the past week or so I had purchased new garden soil. I emptied out the 30+ potted plants, cleaned the pots, select the bulbs and young saplings of the plants we wish to keep and regrow and wash them with copious amount of water before repotting them. It was a physically strenuous work that need to be done before the nursery contractor starts his work on April 8.

It wasn't an April Fool joke when the contractor Alex called me last Sunday evening that he will spray weedkillers the next day. I was caught off guard. I still have some repotting to do. With the help of my wife and grand daughter Ling we finished the work in time to rest and bath before going out for dinner. The next morning the lawn was sprayed. I could literarily 'hear' the weeds screaming as the chemical came raining down on them. The next week will allow them to die as the chemical kills the root system. Only after that will the workers return to strip off the dead weeds and grass and the top soil. After that a new layer of sandy soil will be spread over and leveled. Finally slabs of close turfed cow grass (axonopus compressus) will be laid over and watered daily to allow the roots to establish.

The new lawn and the newly repotted plants will be better maintained than before. They will give me the opportunity to balance my indoor life with some outdoor work.

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