Friday, April 26, 2013

Becoming a Gardener

It's been just 12 days since my new lawn was laid. Every day I'd walk to check on its condition, watering it twice daily when it didn't rain in the first week. Lately afternoon showers would come drenching the soil and I skipped watering the grass which by now has rooted deeper into the sandy soil below. The grass are taller, greener and looks happier. There are a few small bare patches which the nursery will cover up but if not the adjacent grass will soon do the same job. My nursery contractor says it isn't necessary to fertilize the grass for at least 3 months. In my internet research I learned that lawn grass thrive better and stay stronger and more disease resistant if they are kept taller to keep their roots cooler and fertilized just once a year, and to let the grass clippings spread over them instead of collected and composted or disposed. The idea is to let the clippings mulch gradually besides saving work. I will take this advice seriously when it is time to mow my lawn in a month's time.

This is how the grass look like this morning.

A sight for sore eyes.

Small patches of bare soil soon will be covered.

My mango tree has started to flower!

I repotted desert rose saplings into small bags to force the roots to grow into bulbs.

A desert rose in full bloom. Lovely.

I'm really enjoying my new garden now and take great pain to prevent weeds from adulterating it. I'm planning to add colors by buying small potted plants that yield flowers of different colors to make my garden a pleasing sight to behold.

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