Saturday, March 16, 2013

We Are Tired of Waiting

Speaking on behalf of thousands of Malaysians, and my friend whose travel plan is held in limbo because he doesn't know when the 13th General Election is going to be held, we want Najib Razak to know that we are tired of waiting. We just want to go out and cast our votes and return to our normal lives. The prolonged waiting neither serve any good for him nor help us change our minds. Enough events of the preceding 2 or 3 years have made us realize that change within the government is not forthcoming and promise of change, given the time and a victory in the 13GE, is no longer believable but have instead hardened our hearts and minds to convince us that change must come with a revamp of the government, a total replacement. The present government has expired its usefulness. Sorry.

If the incumbent government is smart (I am not suggesting all the ministers are un-smart, but rather lack political will and moral fortitude to stand up against unrighteous policies and acts) it would have heard long ago the woes of the people and provided solutions. Then today would have been a very different state of affair. But when the people find they are having an absentee government or one that prefer rhetoric and sloganeering instead of deliver real and long term help to improve the livelihood of the people and businesses, they cannot be blamed for casting their eyes towards another suitor. It has been a journey, a long one that is ending with a separation caused not by the people's unfaithfulness or disloyalty but by betrayal of an unfulfilled mandate and gross misappropriation of the nation's wealth. Even worse a deep sense of misgiving that the multiracial and multi-religious society have been so badly polarized by selfish and uncaring politicians that 3 generations of the major races perceive each other with prejudice and in some cases, even hatred. Malaysia used to be a harmonious country but seeds of distrust and envy have been sown to create misunderstanding among the various races. If it wasn't the fault of this incumbent government, in particular the standing prime minister of the day who wield an absolute power to address the issues and bring about unification and peacemaking but did not, then I don't know who else is responsible.

On March 8, 2008 when the incumbent government was badly bashed, or even mauled by the upstart opposition coalition, PR, the message was deafeningly clear. Change or be changed. Today, 5 years past, the warning notice has expired and the choice is clear. No monetary handouts can sway a reasoned mind. Our future is certainly worth more than RM500!

The possibility of a PR victory gets more real by the days. Yet many hearts are filled with anxieties of a disruptive change. For this reason some of the weak-minded may choose to live with a more familiar devil than give PR a chance to rule. 5 years ago I agree PR was a loose coalition with poor confidence of taking on the federal government. Its desire was at state level. However it has since acquired experience and gained confidence that it can run the nation better. Even though we still read of internal petty squabbles they have not led to a breakup. Altogether PR have matured and deserve the right to form the next government. But I have these words for them.

Assure us that you have the support of the police and the army to ensure no civil commotions during and in the days after you have captured Putrajaya because agent provocateurs will surely be let loose to cause trouble.

Be a government who knows how to rule and how to collaborate with councils of people and businesses. Cut off political overtures during your tenure but get on the job of recovering our debts and reunifying the people and making Malaysians proud to be called thus.

Live up your claims and promises. Be humble in your mistakes and magnanimous to your political enemies. However be just and recover stolen wealth for they rightly belong to the citizens. Make your supporters proud to have made the right choice and to give you a fresh mandate at every re-election. We desire a government that listen and in tune with global development so we will not be left behind.

Be business centric for they are the engines of development and growth but drive ethical values and corporate responsibilities into their culture so that they may be examples to be emulated. More so, the government and the civil services together with the police, military forces and all government agencies must cultivate strong moral and corruption-free values and standards.

Most of all be a caring government. If you succeed in vanquishing your 55 year old 'master' you do so with the people power. Always recognize and remember who sponsored you and never ever misplace their trust.

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