Sunday, March 31, 2013

Three Joys

The Christian community around the world celebrates Easter today, a wonderment unparalleled by any other human events in history, except perhaps by a related event, Christmas. For about two thousand years before the birth of Jesus Christ, the Israelites under the captivity and later bondage of the Babylonians and then the Romans recalled the time their ancestors were slaves to the Egyptian masters, and longed for freedom with the coming of the prophesied Messiah. He came and was the first joy to ordinary Israelites who felt Jesus gave them the compelling message of liberty from human sin and bondage when He pointed them towards another kingdom not established of the world but in spirit. Jesus declared that the kingdom of Heaven is at hand. A puzzling message even today but one that requires faith and belief that Jesus will deliver those who accept His call to a new life anchored in a world beyond death, in eternity. The birth of Jesus was the first joy but only to those who believe Him to be sent by God to deliver them from sin to acceptance before God, and Jesus offer and led the way. This is why Christmas is always celebrated as a Joy to the World, The Lord has come, let earth receive her King.

Easter is our second joy, no less than the first and of much significance. On Easter God really tells His children never to fear death but to expect it. Death is a doorway towards that promised new life in Heaven. Jesus Himself showed death can be conquered when he raised a dead man 4 days after he died. Lazarus was starting to putrefy when Jesus brought him back to life. And on Easter Sunday some 2000 years ago Jesus Himself was raised from His death to become alive again. The significance of Easter is not inasmuch that death can be vanquished but that Jesus is very much alive today. This makes the faith of all Christians meaningful and alive. Today we celebrate our second joy.

The third and final joy would come to those still alive when Jesus returns to this world to reclaim it for Himself. But even for those who die before this epic making event their final joy shall be in their death and of leaving this world to return to Heaven.

We can discover Joy and the reason of life if we discover the Person of Jesus, the Son of God, who came to die so that those who believe in Him can receive salvation. It is available but on a time limited offer. It expires upon death when you are no longer able to exercise the decision to choose Him. Choose now.

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