Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sharon's New World

It is exactly 2 weeks since our youngest grandchild came to live with us. It wasn't a smooth transition for her and viewing from her helpless state fearfulness was her constant companion as she struggled to adjust and adapt to a new world. She cried a lot in the first week, then less. She hardly smile but now it has become easier for her. She was a brave little girl who overcame and have become a more confident toddler ready to take her development to a new level.

Sharon experienced many new things that she was exposed to. She rode the stroller purchased 2 years ago for the Australian holiday, the Doraemon toy tricycle, car seat, high chairs and of course her walker. She went to the mall and assimilated an interesting and fun place she didn't know exist. Later we will be bringing her to the park, to see and feed Koi fishes and tortoises, the same way her older sister and brother and cousins experienced. She will enjoy many car rides and watch buildings and motor vehicles fly by. She has discovered the joy and excitement of climbing stairs. We have started her on baby cereals and fruit purée. And we have introduce music and songs to her by playing nursery rhymes even as background white noise while she naps. And sing to her and train her to sing back as she grows older to be musically minded. It may seems like a crash course switching from country to suburban living. In a way it is for she is living in a different world in which she will grow up in.

She learns to live and sleep in noisier environment and have adapted very well. Her biggest challenge was learning to trust more than one caregiver. She'd cry whenever she was handed from one to another, for here in our home there are 5 adults as compared to just 2 in her paternal grandparents house. Her trust and faith has been well tested and from a little child's mind she couldn't understand why she was 'abandoned' by her grandparents. Why couldn't things stayed the same? Why change?

From one world she grew up in for 8 months she's introduced to another she'll be growing up in our home and her parent's nearby. Two hurdles set the transition points of her acceptance of us and her new home. One is bath time. She loved water and had enjoyed bathing by her paternal grandmother. Until 3 days ago she had feared bathing. Perhaps she felt vulnerable or she missed the familiar tub and style she was handled. I've said the day she allows her maternal grandmother and the maid bath her and no longer fuss or cry will be the day of real homecoming. Indeed Sharon has stopped crying each time she was unclothed and brought to the tub of warm water. It was a moment to relish for my wife who had patiently waited to be accepted by Sharon. The other hurdle we intend to cross is help Sharon nap on a mattress instead of in a hanging net pod that requires gentle bouncing to put her to sleep. It is both tedious as well as not a long term habit as she grows heavier. That, little Sharon will have to adjust and certainly we will wean her away when she develop more confidence growing up here.

For now crying when her parents leave for work after dropping her each weekday morning will soon be overcome too as she welcomes the idea that her world is going to be larger and more fun.

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