Friday, March 15, 2013

Sharon's Homecoming

Our 6th grandchild will be returning to our care in a few days. The 'handover' will be this Sunday when her paternal grandparents pass her over to us. Sharon or Ying as we fondly calls her is 10 months old, petite, very fair and have speaking black eyes that melt our hearts. Due to our inability to look after 3 grandchildren without additional help, Ying was placed under the care of her ah ma, that is her paternal grandmother, who brought her up over the past 9 months and have grown attached to her. So the 'separation' is going to be difficult for both of them but necessary in order that Ying and her older siblings can have the right environment to grow up together and establish closer bonds. This opportunity to 'bring home' Ying came about when our daughter managed to get a maid after a year of searching and waiting. We are quite fortunate and thankful that Mary the maid has shown keenness and competence in both housework and childcare ever since she arrived about 4 weeks ago. Her task is mainly to care for Ying as the older children are more independent.

The past few days were for Ying to adapt to her parents house and new routine. Today she will adapt to our house and environment where she will be spending lots of time. I'm sure she will like it as it has been a fun place for the other grandkids to play. Ying is slow to adapt to new places and faces but she will have to as part of growing up. She may miss her ah ma and cry but we know that the love we and the rest of her family shower upon her in the coming weeks will make her enjoy coming home. Sister Ling is already dotting on her and Andrew is discovering his 'competition' and learning how to share. So it will be days of discovery and learning for all of them and for us too as we get to know more of Sharon, her likes and dislikes, bring her out to the malls and parks, feed her greater variety of food and watch her take her first steps towards independence. Her older cousin, Joshua, exactly a month older has begun taking a few wobbly steps, and she will follow very soon.

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