Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Seeing God?

I sat down this morning and caught up with a number of devotional readings I missed this Lent season and settled upon this verse,

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. Matthew 5:8

I recall many years ago I had wondered how God looked like and then when I saw pictures of a handsome man called Jesus, the son of God, I concluded God must be equally handsome, if not more so. I want to know more of my Heavenly Father so that should I bump into Him I can immediately recognize Him and not be misled by a pretender. I want to be holding the hands of the right Father as I go through life, and when I leave this earthly life, to see Him from a distance and race towards Him with gladness in my heart. The desire to know how my God looks like has pursued me even till now and His image has sometimes become that of a large bearded, authoritative, just but kind King who would lift me up and settle me on His lap. My Heavenly Father is both fearsome and trustworthy as well as patiently kind and loving towards me. Such a feeling and understanding help me get over moments when I feel unjustly treated or unloved and I would know that my Father is there to take over my troubles. I soon realize that it is less important to know how God looks like than how He is. Appearance itself doesn't assure one that the heart is as good as one expects. God in His infinite wisdom places greater importance on how a person's heart is than his outward appeal. You can't dress a heart like you can a body.

I remember the phrase, follow after God's own heart or be a man after God's heart, then I begin to realize that if my heart is right before God, wherever I am and wherever I go I shall not miss God's signature heart but mine shall sync with His and I shall not fail to know that this God is my Heavenly Father.

This Lent season I want to pray for my heart to be cleansed from all sinful thoughts and evil desires so that it is consonant with God's. And then I shall know that my heart is pure and that I shall really see God, not through my physical eyes, but from the eyes of my heart. And I pray that you too will see God from your inner eyes, someone you can turn to for every need.

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