Sunday, March 03, 2013

Powershot S100 for a New Holiday

I was approached by a church friend one Sunday in February asking if my wife and I would like to join his closed group of senior church members for a 13D/11N holiday to 5 countries in Eastern Europe coming September. I was attracted by several reasons. One, I've not been to EE. Two, it will be a guided coach holiday which is more senior friendly. Three, as it is a closed group fellowship is likely to be better as we share common expectations and values. Four, September is a good time of the year being just the beginning of autumn. And Five, we are running out of time to travel as our bodies and health make mobility harder. The idea was taken back for family consideration. My wife as expected was not entirely warm to it but consented. My children gave their blessings. With the aborted Clark, Philippine holiday fresh in my mind, and this being our first and probably only 2013 holiday abroad, I attended to it enthusiastically.

In December last year I had wanted to get a new digital camera to replace the heavier and bulkier Canon Powershot A620 which I bought in 2006 but still serviceable. Its Digic2 processor is long obsoleted and picture and video resolutions have both improved tremendously in the past 2 years. Making comparisons of popular compact pocket-size digital cameras for a successor to the A620 I concluded the Powershot S100 (since replaced by the S110 in the last quarter of 2012) is a superior camera in its category although not without minor shortcomings. All reviews gave it the top marks over rival brands and models, including, surprisingly, the S110 which did away with the GPS feature. So if I buy the S100 I will be buying a slightly older technology which I can live with as I don't expect significant changes in the coming years to make my purchase outdated quickly. But the plan was aborted when the Philippine holiday was aborted plus changes in family reunion dates. It was a good decision really. At that time buying the S100 would set me back by RM1200. With the EE holiday in mind and the return of Sharon, our youngest grandchild to us in the coming weeks now that our Filipino maid has arrived recently, the need to get a better camera is revisited. I went back to my favorite online gallery where I've made several purchases to find if the S100 has dropped in price. It hasn't but one deal grabbed my attention. A seller was offering a new S100 with 15 months warranty for RM999 but it was an auction sale. When I entered the bids, another interested buyer auto-bid me out. At that point the auction expires in 3 days and bidding has reached RM800. Sensing that if I didn't act fast I will lose the bid 'war' to this other interested buyer, I exercised the QuickGrab option, essentially to bid at the reserved price of RM999 and end the auction immediately. I did that and became a proud owner of a brand new S100 at a price I'm proud to tell others about. The S100 will become my new toy and a handy device wherever I go and I will learn to make the best use of its semi-professional features.

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Irene Yew said...

Congratulations on your new "baby" and I'm sure you will enjoy playing with it, recording down memories in nothing better than pictures and videos.

Hopefully Sharon has a smooth transition, and we look forward to see her too! Vic is definitely excited to hear she will be back.


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