Monday, March 25, 2013

Grace Tan Presents ...

My second grand-daughter Grace made her 'public' appearance at the Yamaha JMC Mini Concert last Friday. She had started the primary 1 class of 6 girls (one dropped out mid way) last October. A few weeks earlier her class teacher announced that a mini concert will be held on the last day before they take a week's break and then resume in primary 2 class. Each of the girls were asked to choose 2 or 3 songs to play. The other 4 girls chose two but Grace decided to play three. Brave and confident girl she is. The teacher also asked for 2 girls to play duet. Grace volunteered to be one of them. And there will also be two group action songs and solfege singing. Parents and 'supporters' were encouraged to attend and the girls were told to be dressed appropriately, that is no slippers are allowed.

In the weeks leading to this important date Grace practised at home on the old 30+ year upright piano as well as on the Casio keyboard guided by her mother, herself an ex-Yamaha student when she was at the same age. It was deja vu for me when I was asked to chaperon Grace to her weekly lessons as I did for her mother. Grace was a little rebellious but talented learner. In class she would feint impatience and played badly and would not follow the correct fingering style shown by the teacher. Sometimes I felt annoyed by her refusal to follow the teacher but during home practice she showed how to play correctly. She is by nature playful and naughty. When guided to introduce herself as 'I am Tan Shuen Ling ... ' she insisted on using 'I am Grace Tan ...'.

On March 22 an hour before we were due to leave for Yamaha she was already dressed up in her skirt and new shoes. She insisted we must leave by 5.30pm to make sure we are in the class well before 6pm. The whole family was there to cheer her - grandparents, parents, siblings and kakak (maid). In the line up she was first and fortunately performed well but not without tiny mistakes. It was after all her first solo performance before a small crowd. The only unscripted scene was when brother Andrew for no apparent reason decided to walk up to her as she was singing and hit her before walking away. Grace fortunately was unperturbed and continued with singing the opening song, Pa-pa-pa Parade, with the other girls. Here's the clip to watch. Please subscribe to watch the rest.

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