Thursday, February 07, 2013

Years May Come

The lunar new year is at our doorstep. As we busy ourselves with gifts to share with relatives and friends as well as red packets for the children and grandchildren, both of which symbolize abundance, prosperity and goodwill which are traditional values to the Chinese, we also allow ourselves time to dwell on those wonderful and nostalgic days as well as the coming future with unknown changes. Who can tell if next year, or the next, continue to bring fulfillment we all hope never diminish but to actually increase? Can we expect our lives to improve as they appear in our dreams? Will we be better as time mellow us? Shall we be a blessing to others or become irritating existence?

Although I enjoyed many of Herman's Hermits songs, this one appropriately makes me think as I stand on this new year threshold between my past and my future. As you listen to the lyrics may it help you as well to cherish all that life has already given, not regrets, and strive to build on the heritage and values you have built. Blessed lunar new year to those who celebrate it.

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