Thursday, February 28, 2013

Where Do You Spent Most of Your Time?

Many of us will answer in the office or in the kitchen. But the correct answer is in the bedroom. On average 7-8 hours will be spent there and most of it on the bed of course. In the bedroom dreams are formed, secrets are shared, intimacy enhanced and rest restored. We tend to invest in our living room, our kitchen, our bathrooms and our gardens. We consider our bedrooms to be where we put our tired bodies down for the night and shut off our life but really should make them the most comfortable and enjoyable spot in our homes. There children spend their childhood sleeping with us, where stories are read before they sleep. These are treasured moments.

Are our rooms to our liking? Are they large enough, of the pleasing design, layout and color theme? Is the bed suitable and firm? Is the room well ventilated and suitably lit for a good sleep? These and a myriad of other factors can turn an ordinary bedroom into a palatial one that entice husband and wife to adjourn to as day ends.

If you are looking for a new house or getting into renovating one, thinking of making your bedroom a welcome evening sojourn will help improve relationship and waken you to a new day.

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