Monday, February 04, 2013

Birth Pang of a School Reunion

When you become aware that a great event is about to take place you start planning for its arrival, like for the birth of a baby. Yet this birth pang feeling of mine isn't about a birth but a re-gathering of people who shared the same classrooms, playgrounds, teachers, library, chapel, assembly halls and tuck shops when life was carefree and youthfulness was taken for granted. 48 years on many of our hearts pined for a homeward bound spirit to exodus from where we are now dispersed to where we waved goodbye when we left our beloved Alma Mater, the Anglo-Chinese Secondary School of Sitiawan, Perak in December 1965 to pursue our own further education and career and set up families.

So many years has flown, those years we cannot relive but there to be shared over a glass of coffee and some biscuits or familiar local delicacies. How have you been? Are you a grand parent now? How many? Are you retired? How do you spend your days? How is your health? These and many more questions will float out as we try to fill in each others blank spaces.

The urgency of a reunion started when some of us discovered how useful emails are. From November 2010 more and more classmates of mine started enjoying online friendship as well as small reunions when a few find the time to meet. But the biggie, like a tsunami, looms ahead. Last year, in January 2012, I mooted the idea of our 50th anniversary reunion in Sitiawan and immediately it became an infection. The response was an overwhelming YES, I'll attend, count me in. But it was still far away. Last month when a classmate Aaron wrote about his desire to come back for this grand event, even if he has to 'crawl', he wrote, he'll make it. With this trigger and the reunion some 30 months away, a small group agreed to start searching for missing classmates and year mates and notify them of this upcoming gathering. We were so exuberant and excited and ideas just ooze. At the rate we share our thoughts we can even organize the reunion in 2 months. Nothing can hold us back. We hope to get at least half of the year mates to come, if we can locate them all. The 2015 Golden Jubilee Reunion of the ACS Sitiawan 1965 Year Mates is on the way. We are looking at June-July 2015 as the moment when many will ask one another, sorry I cannot place your face, who are you? And then laughter will break free, and there'll be hugs and rebonding of old friendship buried over the 50 years of absence.

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