Sunday, January 13, 2013

Nothing Expires, Part 2

It is hilarious and I just think great ideas can still come forth from hardwired brain cells. Here are a few more sparkling ideas. Don't write us off yet.

You've probably seen this before but most likely write off the idea as crazy or unworkable. Why not? Toilet paper rolls are great organizers, free and environmentally friendly. Plus they won't be of any value as a recyclable item. Helps you locate the cable easily without hurting your back.

CDs are great but of what use is their cases? Lots if you think hard. Similar to the toilet paper rolls (for shorter cables) CD cases are ideal for long cables and you can easily label them outside. Plus they are stackable and transparent so readily identified.

OK I won't touch this one but if you have a good taste for antique stuff why not? Most suitcases are worn out inside but the bodies are strong and sturdy. Many of us use them to keep seldom used items like curtains and blankets. This new idea will blow your mind but think of it, if your contemporary friends visit these suitcases will surely become conversation topics. Hey, I remember you use this one on our holidays together on that cruise to the Greek islands. Remember? Besides serving as soft stool you can even store stuffs inside. Just make sure the legs are sturdy though.

Reading was a popular past time for people my age. In those early years without TV and computers and going to cinemas was expensive, we buy books and tend to junk them now for lack of space. But this idea is great. You get to keep them for sweet remembrance sake and create a nice coffee or work table out of them. But after you're gone chances are they will go too as kids nowadays find real book alien. e-books, OK.

Paperclips should be renamed cable hangers. They help keep the cables untangled and easily accessible. Maybe someone should design more colorful clips that can be labeled.

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