Thursday, January 10, 2013

Nothing Expires, Just Think Creatively

A friend emailed me a bunch of pictures about how creative some senior people are in turning expired household items into something superbly useful, if you don't mind their ugliness. They say senior people, because they are so free, tend to apply their talents to make good what are written off as useless. This also help them stay interesting and fend off senility. However some people may find them odd or even weird. But if you look deeper they do have something to contribute to make the world a better place, teaching us to look outside the box and become interesting and hideously funny. I am not saying so because I am also a senior person but I like to give credit wherever it is due. Here are three I like a lot.

Don't junk that fridge just yet. Unplug it, deodorize the interior and dry it out, then use it for the purpose shown. Maybe even hide your valuables where burgulars are most unlikely to search.

Too old to play tennis, squash or badminton, and moaning where to dispose them racquets? No worry. Get them de-strung and fitted with mirrors and hang them all over the house. You need them too, to keep you company as well as check the status of your receding hairline. Plus they remind you that they, like yourself, are still useful in whatever new life form. Cheers.

Ah ha, I love this one except that because I've given up playing guitars decades ago I won't need them picks anymore. Hmmm, maybe I can sell them for 10 cent each to the school kids outside the school gates and make some money for a lemonade or just to pass time. Crazy but terrific idea. Tip: you can save money by not buying the PickMaster. Just get a heavy duty scissor.

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