Thursday, January 17, 2013

Election is Nigh! Plan Your Leave.

THIS news is new to me. However it is what Malaysians are looking forward to after nearly a year of intense speculation. Reported in The Star, a government linked newspaper, the new is probably accurate. Although the actual voting date has not been decided, voters must plan to be at home. Do not travel overseas unless you've already planned months ahead and cannot be cancelled. That unfortunately apply for me so I hope and pray I will be home for election. I've never been this fervent before.

Since the general election must be held no later than two months in West Malaysia and three months for East Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak) after the dissolution of the Parliament, taking the dissolution date of February 20 we are looking at Election Day of March 20 to April 20. Someone cheekily suggest Najib may want to fix the actual polling date as March 31, 2013 which is the last day of school holiday, a Sunday. The reason, 31.3.13 is an auspicious number which may bring 'luck' to Najib. This may not happen as luck will not come in with the serious matter of choosing our next government. The January 12 mammoth rally nicknamed KL112 was a massive show of public protest against his administration and massive blow to his confidence of getting more support the longer he delays calling the election. I guess a March election is most likely. Apparently the choicest date in September last year was missed. Since then scandals and growing impatience have eroded his popularity. There is even rumour of an internal coup, that he may be toppled by his own deputy! That will be international news headline.

Whatever the outcome of this election we are all promised it will be finger nail biting and a neck-to-neck race to watch. Thank goodness for the Internet and live reporting we will be able to track the results as they emerge. Better than watching football I assure you.

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