Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Andrew First Days in Kindy

Against our expectation Andrew didn't adapt as well to the pre-nursery class yesterday. His father had to accompany him almost the whole 3 hours of orientation. As expected he was the tallest in the class but also among the oldest since he is a January child. When he came back he didn't cry but we could see he was happy to be in familiar environment. I guess he prefer more privacy and dislike big groups.

This morning he surprisingly romped into the kindergarten gate holding his sister's hand. Both parents were pleasantly surprised and decided to stay out to watch if he cries or come running out. He didn't. I arrived shortly to relieve them. We peeked into the class. Andrew was quietly playing with his sister beside. But soon she has to leave for her own class upstairs. That was when Andrew lost his confidence. He cried for his 'jie jie' and ran up, but a teacher carried him back. He tried to run out to look for me but the door was closed. Although he cried a bit, he stopped and later remembered he really missed his sister, the one he used to 'bully' at home but all in jest really. He tried to connect with her but finding it futile he settled down. Although he didn't socialize much this morning, nor take part in singing and dancing, the principal later told us when we arrived to pick him up, that he has 'horns' which we took it to means he has started to become a bit aggressive or bold with other kids. That's our Andrew alright. He's found his turf and I quickly cautioned the principal Andrew is fond of ripping apart mechanical toys. Just to make sure the kindy are prepared for some repairs.

In the car he drank his milk contentedly and played with the iPad until his sister finishes her class half hour later. Tomorrow we expect Andrew to assimilate into the class environment and not look around for his sister or us. With that we hope he will tip a new milestone of learning to play and share.

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