Saturday, January 12, 2013

And the Winner is .....

The People's Uprising Rally at Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur just ended, peacefully. No shots, no tear gas, no laced water sprays, no injuries, no lost businesses, no violence, and no losers.

I couldn't attend for personal reasons but my prayers and my interest in tracking the development shows my heart is with the participants. Although only about 100,000 people came, they gathered orderly at 8 separate assembly points peripheral to the stadium and march peacefully toward the venue, well short of the targeted 1 million (which could well be a psychologically created number) the objective set by the organizers have been met, that is to present to the nation and the world that they have valid reasons to congregate, and that they can do so without getting physical or in any uncivilized manner.

Who is the winner in today's rally? My vote goes to Malaysians in general for having clear heads, not to be emotionally swayed, but level headed in dealing with a potentially explosive situation like this. And especially to those who sacrificed the weekend to attend, and be the voice for those like myself who cannot be there in person. Credit goes to the organizers and the security patrols (not the police) who marshaled the participants into the stadium and out. Yes, the police deserve an accolade too, for being human for once, not raising their batons or punch innocent civilians like they did in April last year (many videoclips prove they did it). And for the police heads for listening to the voice of their fellow Malaysians. It isn't that they are battling any external threats so the show of solidarity this afternoon is a healthy sign that we have matured through our political struggles and differences.

Politicians may want to claim credit too but they are just incidental. If any, I would credit non-government societies instead. Bersih top my list for paving the way for a more civilized and accountable government. The tipping point must be when they decide to go headlong against the Elections Commission and the government for trying to intimidate them and the people.

Tonight I believe many will sleep well and be thankful that KL112 enters our history book on a better record than Bersih 2.0 or Bersih 3.0. May KL112 pave the way for a trouble-free 13th general election. After which the real healing of damages and wrongs done to society must begin to make Malaysians proud to be Malaysians again.

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